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Switchgear and protection: trapped key interlocking vs LOTO
27 Apr 2015

There are two potential options when considering a mechanical safety system for switchgear applications. The choice is between a trapped key interlocking system or a padlock-based lock-out / tag-out (LOTO) system. Both systems: Provide a method of isolating switchgear. Allow safe personnel access when maintenance of machinery is required. Are available in full stainless steel […]
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Catalog - Access Interlocks - GATESAFE [Emergency Exit device]
GATESAFE The Gatesafe is an emergency exit device that can be fitted to left & right hand hinged doors and should be used in conjunction with the Castell access locks, the MAI, Al, MAIE & AIE.

The Gatesafe is complete with an emergency stop button that can be depressed to both isolate the supply voltage and allow emergency exit from the area.

The switch contact arrangement of 2N/C 1N/O make it suitable for category 4 safety applications where cross monitoring is required. These features make it particularly suitable for full body access areas where personnel safety keys are not deployed. The Gatesafe is designed to operate as part of an access control system.

A typical example of machine isolation and controlled access is shown below.
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