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Trapped key interlocks vs light curtains in the food industry
23 Sep 2014

In all industries it is important to balance the demand for safety with the need for fast access to machinery. The latter is vital in the food industry, for several reasons: The need to easily and hygienically clean the production environment. The impact on downtime of repetitively cleaning electronic systems. The requirement to clean all […]
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Catalog - Solenoid Controlled Interlocks - KSSE [Multi Key Solenoid Controlled Switch]
KSSE The KSSE is a solenoid controlled, multi-key controlled 20(maximum) amp electrical switch suitable for the controlled isolation or switching of low current.

This product is used where the controlled isolation of a machine needs to take place, i.e. where a robot has to finish a cycle prior to isolation and where multiple entry points to the protected area are required.

The solenoid is ontinuously rated, and its position electrically monitored, making it suitable for category 4 safety applications.

This type of isolator should be used for short term, off load isolation and operated by suitably qualified personnel.

The KSSE20 is manufactured from either brass or stainless steel making it suitable for use in standard or harsh corrosive environments. The unit is supplied suitable for mounting into an existing panel or for surface mounting within its own IP65 rated lockable steel enclosure.
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