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What is it?

Salvo is a set of dock products that works as a system to promote safety at the loading docks and to prevent unscheduled truck departure. Salvo prevents the unauthorized movement of a truck's trailer during the loading or unloading process at the loading dock.

Why would I need this product?

Unscheduled truck departure is the most serious and costly accident that happens at the loading dock.

OSHA / FMCSA regulations require such a safety system!
  1. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178 (k)(1) states that the brakes of highway trucks must be set and wheel chocks placed under the rear wheels to prevent the trucks from rolling.
  2. FMCSAʼs 49 CFR Part 393 Braking Regulation states that the truckʼs brakes must be mechanically applied in position by something other than fluid, air or electrical energy.
  3. OSHAʼs letter states that their enforcement of the wheel-chocking requirement, 29 CFR 1910.178 (k)(1) for commercial vehicle are pre-empted by FMCSAʼs 49 CFR Part 393 braking regulation.

How is it different from other loading dock safety products?

Salvo removes the possibility of human error. Existing safety products do nothing to force their implementation and thus maintain a safe environment.

Also, other dock safety products donʼt address the issue of unscheduled truck departure! There are products to prevent trailer creep and trailer collapse, but nothing to not only prevent the accident before it happens, but also ties all of the dock procedures together.

How can I get more information?

Download our Salvo Brochure and Safety Regulations white paper PDFs by clicking the images below or contact us directly at 877.341.3075.

Salvo Brochure
Safety Regulations
White Paper

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